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WA test 5 please help me c++Abdullahil Baki Adol1243. Divorce of the Seven Dwarfs6 Aug 2019 22:370  
Don't panic!Otrebus1158. Censored!6 Aug 2019 12:471  
Very Very Very SimpleLocomotive1194. Handshakes6 Aug 2019 04:134  
AcceptedAlexei1110. Power5 Aug 2019 22:460  
WA#15 Can I have sample test please?Jumabek Alikhanov1123. Salary5 Aug 2019 19:282  
Simple and fast solution in O(n)ironchat(ITMO)1883. Ent's Birthday5 Aug 2019 17:570  
Not that difficultStuxnet2135. Pauline and commits5 Aug 2019 13:510  
WA in teste case 12Auro Soares1471. Distance in the Tree5 Aug 2019 07:320  
DELETEDdecay2125. Continue the Sequence4 Aug 2019 15:150  
I didn't know meaning of parting!lnxdx1194. Handshakes3 Aug 2019 00:030  
week Test! yuyan1466. Magic Square2 Aug 2019 18:432  
Please add these tests.yuyan1466. Magic Square2 Aug 2019 18:421  
Weak testsYermak1466. Magic Square2 Aug 2019 18:411  
Hint for wa6,7,8tiancaihb1104. Don’t Ask Woman about Her Age2 Aug 2019 17:265  
BUBBLE_SORT?АРТЕМ1100. Final Standings2 Aug 2019 16:431  
8 test👨‍💻tproger👨‍💻[GTGU]1634. Spider Mite2 Aug 2019 16:380  
Strong tests :)mihai0319961349. Farm29 Jul 2019 15:002  
Wrong answer on 6th test. Please help:)Georgi_georgiev1119. Metro28 Jul 2019 16:4912  
Не проходит 9 тест, у кого есть данные для проверкиUladzimir1005. Stone Pile27 Jul 2019 17:270  
hint if you get WA 8Balan Catalin1325. Dirt27 Jul 2019 11:061  

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