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Mi russkie, s nami bog Dan1225. Flags4 Sep 2019 21:220  
Hint For Test Case# 16Yuv1423. String Tale4 Sep 2019 10:491  
Algo. Hints.IgorKoval(from Pskov)1894. Non-Flying Weather3 Sep 2019 16:473  
Getting wrong answer for test case #3Aakanksha Sharma1146. Maximum Sum3 Sep 2019 16:440  
TESTbuyolitsez1156. Two Rounds3 Sep 2019 09:220  
no impossible casesonamon1106. Two Teams28 Aug 2019 23:421  
No subjectRiladavin1227. Rally Championship27 Aug 2019 19:040  
i got AC in C..Suparna1068. Sum26 Aug 2019 23:161  
The main task is 10^250Михаил1180. Stone Game26 Aug 2019 16:180  
WA1. Is first test different, or it's problem with IO?Ionkin M [Samara SAU #617]1142. Relations25 Aug 2019 19:140  
Can anyone translate the statement?PrankMaN1053. Pinocchio25 Aug 2019 00:221  
WA3dickbooster1881. Long problem statement24 Aug 2019 22:5610  
Some helpful test !!!!!!!!!!Noname1406. Next Number24 Aug 2019 12:199  
WA7 and my solution on c++Anarchian1255. Graveyard of the Cosa Nostra23 Aug 2019 22:510  
WA5, any tests?motoras1050. Preparing an Article23 Aug 2019 04:471  
WA at case #13Mushfiq Talha1014. Product of Digits22 Aug 2019 23:100  
TestsVlasov_Sergey1955. Boss, I Can See You!22 Aug 2019 12:380  
Is it really needed?maslowmw1249. Ancient Necropolis21 Aug 2019 18:330  
Why WA on test case 7? please help farid1207. Median on the Plane21 Aug 2019 16:490  
Why i am getting WA at test 1Tazma1209. 1, 10, 100, 1000...21 Aug 2019 01:360  

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