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THIS IS RUSSIADias1457. Heating Main30 Sep 2019 14:420  
Simpliest algorythmIlya Lubashov1139. City Blocks30 Sep 2019 07:230  
Python solution failing on test 1hackerman4201001. Reverse Root30 Sep 2019 06:560  
WA9Happyfeet1641. Duties28 Sep 2019 16:111  
Solution c++Ivan1567. SMS-spam27 Sep 2019 19:120  
Which algorithm?? HelpKasparyan Mihail Surenovich1682. Crazy Professor27 Sep 2019 17:303  
For whom, who get WA 26SFU ISIT Jr.1795. Husband in a Shop27 Sep 2019 00:251  
For those, who has WA4, WA7.Alibi1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome26 Sep 2019 11:421  
AC with maximum bipartie, guys!SmnTin1229. Strong Brickwork25 Sep 2019 14:150  
WA5lzh1890. Money out of Thin Air23 Sep 2019 01:582  
Clarification needed.Mickkie1383. Flower-garden Designs22 Sep 2019 20:010  
help please test #11qweqweasd1408. Polynomial Multiplication22 Sep 2019 18:152  
How to solve that problem #1209Rodion1209. 1, 10, 100, 1000...21 Sep 2019 09:540  
I have WA6. Please anybody HelpME!107th1655. Somali Pirates20 Sep 2019 14:552  
test case #27Choker1874. Football Goal20 Sep 2019 13:346  
Rename this task to "Stucks"maslowmw1220. Stacks18 Sep 2019 20:020  
Is there a solution for n>22292?Felix_Mate2047. Maths17 Sep 2019 09:114  
helpVorobeva1110. Power17 Sep 2019 02:100  
WA 4Beqa Lomitashvili [Freeuni]1476. Lunar Code16 Sep 2019 22:021  
Upcoming site maintenance announcementAlexander Klepinin (USU)16 Sep 2019 15:550  

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