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Some testsbsu.mmf.team2082. Poker12 Feb 2020 07:1311  
Тут же можно решить вообще не используя double !Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1875. Angry Birds12 Feb 2020 05:560  
WA#8. Give me some testsIlya1005. Stone Pile12 Feb 2020 00:210  
quite a tricky quesluffy1930. Ivan's Car11 Feb 2020 23:400  
easy problembhaskar bhardwaj1930. Ivan's Car10 Feb 2020 23:550  
What about #20 on PYTON? *TLE*Alis_o4ka1330. Intervals10 Feb 2020 20:520  
Is it true or notura1091. Tmutarakan Exams10 Feb 2020 12:130  
Please tell me how to solve it....Asyamov Igor1635. Mnemonics and Palindromes10 Feb 2020 00:192  
If you have WA 3Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1294. Mars Satellites9 Feb 2020 20:110  
How to solve this problem in o(n^2)?lnxdx1017. Staircases9 Feb 2020 17:081  
This may help if WA 7MishaRash1430. Crime and Punishment9 Feb 2020 14:562  
What is wrong in my solution (WA 16)Paul1215. Exactness of Projectile Hit9 Feb 2020 03:122  
If you are having troubleurmat1303. Minimal Coverage9 Feb 2020 01:500  
No subjectNikita1494. Monobilliards8 Feb 2020 19:191  
No subjectNikita1494. Monobilliards8 Feb 2020 19:170  
Whats wrong with this code? Please helpNaman Sharma1001. Reverse Root7 Feb 2020 13:121  
What is the test #46?ura2070. Interesting Numbers6 Feb 2020 19:451  
Test #9bsu.mmf.team1812. The Island of Bad Luck 25 Feb 2020 22:586  
No subjectLysikov_Ilia1345. HTML4 Feb 2020 04:520  
WA 9FaddeyKr2149. Pigeonhole Principle4 Feb 2020 03:101  

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