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why wrong answer??Rakibul Islam1086. Cryptography22 Jun 2020 15:500  
Please, anybody know What is the TEST #6 ?dake1110. Power22 Jun 2020 09:081  
idea x)Mice Papai1567. SMS-spam20 Jun 2020 19:371  
I precalculate nim values, and found period postion(68). But WA13. Who can help? What'is tricky?xurshid_n1465. Pawn Game18 Jun 2020 17:234  
How to solve this problem without cheating?tantian1268. Little Chu17 Jun 2020 10:463  
test 5Firchalka1021. Sacrament of the Sum16 Jun 2020 19:270  
where is wrong !! already it is working in codeblocksEIASER ARAFAT1068. Sum15 Jun 2020 11:206  
Interesting notice about MLAleksey[TheCrawfish]Bykov'`1220. Stacks15 Jun 2020 00:570  
If you have TLgaporf1198. Jobbery14 Jun 2020 20:571  
WA8Kruppov071014. Product of Digits14 Jun 2020 16:470  
help??? tests???marius dumitran1069. Prufer Code13 Jun 2020 10:132  
A testSergei Barannikov2109. Tourism on Mars12 Jun 2020 04:250  
Why Wa 5# (This solution is right)?Dj_Denis1725. Sold Out!9 Jun 2020 19:342  
WA 3 javamaxormo1002. Phone Numbers9 Jun 2020 00:094  
WA #4Shree1296. Hyperjump8 Jun 2020 01:033  
Why WA4?Tigra1296. Hyperjump8 Jun 2020 01:022  
TL 8, хотя разогнал на столько на сколько можно былоIvan1196. History Exam7 Jun 2020 18:552  
Try also problem 1060 (it is the same)Maksimus El Diablo1122. Game6 Jun 2020 23:030  
Acces ViolationArseniy1601. AntiCAPS6 Jun 2020 19:340  
памагите helpБогдан1877. Bicycle Codes5 Jun 2020 20:582  

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