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Why correct output for given test case is not "kazak" ?Vaibhav1297. Palindrome3 Nov 2020 15:252  
no solution for n = 2 in networkwnik1349. Farm2 Nov 2020 17:370  
Hint to solve thisLittel_John1607. Taxi2 Nov 2020 16:390  
2102, test 23Daniial2102. Michael and Cryptography2 Nov 2020 06:540  
Test 23Daniial2102. Michael and Cryptography2 Nov 2020 06:330  
the conditions of the problem_JackDaniel's1461. Christmas Garland1 Nov 2020 21:480  
HintVineet Jain1098. Questions31 Oct 2020 21:230  
for wa#10vahan1726. Visits31 Oct 2020 16:454  
Big Hintxurshid_n1623. Fractal Labyrinth31 Oct 2020 16:440  
some testsesbybb1929. Teddybears are not for Everyone30 Oct 2020 21:281  
Much bigger C code but efficient I guess(Execution time:0.015sec;Memory:140 kB)Fahim shahriyar1149. Sinus Dances29 Oct 2020 21:180  
If you have WA36Seva_K `~2003. Simple Magic29 Oct 2020 20:311  
C++ What's wrong?Ilia1001. Reverse Root29 Oct 2020 01:281  
AC on C++Arman Sykot1313. Some Words about Sport28 Oct 2020 21:110  
OLE (probably 9)kirdmiv1092. Transversal28 Oct 2020 20:490  
TLE#2 Python 3feather1086. Cryptography27 Oct 2020 23:370  
<-- TLE? Look here! -->Diego1086. Cryptography27 Oct 2020 23:231  
Python 3 WA 5th testfeather1161. Stripies27 Oct 2020 22:240  
C++ will got you TLE on 9th test case if you are using string additions instead use pythonVineet Jain1012. K-based Numbers. Version 227 Oct 2020 07:170  
If you are having troubleurmat1183. Brackets Sequence26 Oct 2020 22:190  

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