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O(n) DP solutionandreyDagger1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles14 Jul 2021 14:430  
howRodion1601. AntiCAPS13 Jul 2021 19:201  
help please test #11qweqweasd1408. Polynomial Multiplication13 Jul 2021 18:383  
Easy problemAnton1203. Scientific Conference13 Jul 2021 18:370  
The shortest programAlex Tolstov (Vologda STU)1408. Polynomial Multiplication8 Jul 2021 18:5112  
test 16 Dark_Sun2152. Tax Fees8 Jul 2021 11:030  
WA #9Stankov1756. One and a Half Diggers5 Jul 2021 02:033  
could anybody tell me where the wrong from?? thanks!!shawn1404. Easy to Hack!3 Jul 2021 08:580  
Is possible to have AC on Python 3.6?Egor_Shchetinin1119. Metro3 Jul 2021 00:461  
be careful about "%"Vlad1243. Divorce of the Seven Dwarfs29 Jun 2021 11:471  
WA 6💮meanlessnessener`~1316. Electronic Auction29 Jun 2021 02:020  
Your Mistake (Hint, no solution)Euler2035. Another Dress Rehearsal27 Jun 2021 20:090  
Why my idea is wrong?Shohruh1807. Cartridges for Maxim27 Jun 2021 16:580  
if WA 4Lemmiwinks1020. Rope24 Jun 2021 20:220  
approachPavel1864. Get-Together at Den's24 Jun 2021 04:190  
To admins (and python coders)yyll1006. Square Frames23 Jun 2021 20:481  
There is issue with Kotlin / Java checker.DENISKA(SSAU)22 Jun 2021 22:471  
Система проверки решений на Scala сломанаAnton Vorobyev22 Jun 2021 22:451  
No subjectshawn1131. Copying22 Jun 2021 13:370  
Test 10: RUB hasn't got 0.000 part. Рубль не имеет тысячной доли, так как минимальная часть - копейка - одна сотая.Keworker1688. Team.GOV!21 Jun 2021 12:100  

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