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Nice problemguilty spark1037. Memory Management14 Aug 2021 21:171  
What is test 9?guilty spark1058. Chocolate13 Aug 2021 17:350  
Help me! I got WA#3Dembel {AESC USU}1337. Bureaucracy13 Aug 2021 07:183  
Simple hint about solution. Make sure you spend at least 3 days on your solution, before seeing this.LaVuna [NULP]1301. Cube in Labyrinth13 Aug 2021 02:360  
SPOILER. HintandreyDagger1794. Masterpieces of World Architecture12 Aug 2021 22:370  
If you have WA or TLE on #8Amon1156. Two Rounds12 Aug 2021 16:400  
a questionLX&R Bacherikov1199. Mouse12 Aug 2021 06:423  
Another approachandreyDagger1134. Cards11 Aug 2021 18:100  
What is correct approach to this problem?Zergatul2127. Determinant of a Graph9 Aug 2021 19:160  
Some help if you have WAAmon1513. Lemon Tale8 Aug 2021 13:090  
WA 2Otrebus1062. Triathlon7 Aug 2021 23:030  
starting point a is a station but you go by feetNorbert Nolte1205. By the Underground or by Foot?7 Aug 2021 07:433  
If you have TLgaporf1198. Jobbery7 Aug 2021 06:152  
Some testsOtrebus1894. Non-Flying Weather6 Aug 2021 16:380  
WA5. Can anyone help me?Varduhi Yeghiazaryan1096. Get the Right Route Plate!6 Aug 2021 05:293  
For those who dont know how to solve itOlzhas2dy1102. Strange Dialog5 Aug 2021 21:557  
WA 7???mdebvisitor@mail.ru1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 15:170  
if you have WA7alp1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 15:171  
If you WA #3, look at this simple casejacketinsysu1124. Mosaic4 Aug 2021 14:092  
if u have WA5Rabbit Girl ♥1118. Nontrivial Numbers4 Aug 2021 13:541  

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