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Accepted C#Адель1025. Democracy in Danger28 Aug 2021 19:181  
C# Что тут не так? Уже 7 раз переделывал. Все равно пишет: "Wrong Answer".andvpmb1000. A+B Problem27 Aug 2021 02:060  
if you're getting tleguilty spark1122. Game25 Aug 2021 23:180  
WA on test 5Kerem Puskullu1242. Werewolf25 Aug 2021 15:040  
IF WA 4zwqzwq1965. Pear Trees25 Aug 2021 13:580  
When one of them is outside, do they need to keep contact?Chim se di nang1912. Titan Ruins: Passing through Walls25 Aug 2021 12:028  
Python 3tdnnojtupbkmuhehvb1243. Divorce of the Seven Dwarfs24 Aug 2021 11:191  
6 тестtongpo1909. Space Recon24 Aug 2021 02:043  
O(1)zwqzwq1716. Alternative Solution23 Aug 2021 08:520  
O(W*H) solution passesLaVuna [NULP]1235. Cricket Field22 Aug 2021 13:430  
Странное условиеilalex1740. Deer is Better!22 Aug 2021 00:325  
Для тех, кто не понялDaulet1740. Deer is Better!22 Aug 2021 00:303  
if WA 4Lemmiwinks1020. Rope20 Aug 2021 20:421  
WA2farmer.261590. Bacon’s Cipher20 Aug 2021 16:260  
an easy methodCelebrate1395. Pascal vs. C++. Version 220 Aug 2021 13:160  
WA13Михаил2141. Sasha Vilkin18 Aug 2021 14:561  
To admin: please fix the problem statement.198808xc1544. Classmates 318 Aug 2021 06:361  
If you have WA @ 10198808xc1527. Bad Roads17 Aug 2021 06:311  
WA #38Furkat Ahrolov2102. Michael and Cryptography15 Aug 2021 16:400  
Stupid mistakeandreyDagger1348. Goat in the Garden 215 Aug 2021 11:040  

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