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I think everything is okay but i got WA....onevoltman1263. Elections2 Jan 2022 06:400  
WA15Yaroslav1195. Ouths and Crosses1 Jan 2022 20:340  
test 4Enots: Revolution1742. Team building1 Jan 2022 12:084  
ACKirill~1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers31 Dec 2021 10:460  
AC,but have questionFelix_Mate1091. Tmutarakan Exams30 Dec 2021 12:571  
if you have WA9/WA11...Egor Sibriaev1864. Get-Together at Den's30 Dec 2021 00:440  
Small hintКонобейцев Иван Олегович1127. Colored Bricks29 Dec 2021 14:250  
Is it correct?👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1521. War Games 229 Dec 2021 01:041  
WA on test 10yuety251471. Distance in the Tree29 Dec 2021 00:510  
If you have WA2s_shshsh1643. Attack of the Dark Fortress28 Dec 2021 23:390  
Chinese translationLightningUZ1310. ACM Diagnostics26 Dec 2021 13:190  
WA 28LaVuna [NULP]1519. Formula 125 Dec 2021 20:351  
WA #6Kipsasjaujoj2000. Grand Theft Array V25 Dec 2021 19:593  
Для тех, кто не понялEgor Sibriaev1740. Deer is Better!25 Dec 2021 03:000  
Special Judge?fishpear1752. Tree 224 Dec 2021 16:141  
hintPavel1989. Subpalindromes23 Dec 2021 13:160  
Can Vova go down by cableways?Yermak1841. Cableways23 Dec 2021 06:435  
WA #6Furkat Ahrolov1207. Median on the Plane22 Dec 2021 04:280  
WA #3Furkat Ahrolov1112. Cover21 Dec 2021 00:570  
Easy problemValenKof1140. Swamp Incident20 Dec 2021 16:221  

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