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Good simulation problemsilverfox1131. Copying28 Apr 2022 22:290  
Some hintsSayem1014. Product of Digits26 Apr 2022 23:280  
Use array of bitsetСонечка1249. Ancient Necropolis24 Apr 2022 16:011  
tle in c++ and ac in javaalphaplus1208. Legendary Teams Contest24 Apr 2022 12:492  
Hintbasuki1491. Unreal Story24 Apr 2022 11:501  
WA#15hduads2022_203212271628. White Streaks24 Apr 2022 11:340  
Python3 answerEvgeniy1787. Turn for MEGA23 Apr 2022 15:502  
if you have #WA 8 ... try this test case...Adhambek2034. Caravans22 Apr 2022 13:454  
USE e=0.000000001 to get ACsamplex1011. Conductors21 Apr 2022 19:482  
Test for WA 1_Otabek1018. Binary Apple Tree21 Apr 2022 19:370  
WRONG ANSWER ON TEST #3???the1145141012. K-based Numbers. Version 221 Apr 2022 18:360  
WHY WA#6?HERE IS MY CODE!!THANK!!!! CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1012. K-based Numbers. Version 221 Apr 2022 18:0911  
TLE on Test Case 2Jyotirmay Nag1083. Factorials!!!21 Apr 2022 10:130  
Why can the Author do trick on meDarksideCoder2093. All Roads Lead to Snowdrift21 Apr 2022 05:100  
what's the answer when N=170 and K=10?mythysjh1012. K-based Numbers. Version 220 Apr 2022 18:192  
Test for WA4 and WA5Anton Smoliakov2144. Cleaning the Room20 Apr 2022 11:360  
WA 23Tengiz1510. Order19 Apr 2022 17:250  
runtime c#Gerasimov Alexander Dmitrievich1250. Sea Burial18 Apr 2022 22:560  
HackDarksideCoder1441. From the History of Gringotts Bank18 Apr 2022 06:370  
WA Test 8Mar-i-ya1604. Country of Fools18 Apr 2022 01:460  

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