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How it can be solved with disjoint sets???Enigma [UB of TUIT]1003. Parity19 Sep 2023 21:372  
How would you use a heap to solve this problem?mihai.alpha1403. Courier19 Sep 2023 15:420  
Some weird optimizations required to get AC in Python, it makes sense to increase timelimit to 2-3 sec (-)Vedernikoff 'Goryinyich' Sergey (HSE: АОП)2092. Bolero19 Sep 2023 03:190  
To Admin: Please update problem statementMickkie2158. Two progressions15 Sep 2023 00:501  
What about "aa...a" strings?💮meanlessnessener`~1714. Mnemonics and Palindromes 215 Sep 2023 00:390  
help (python)quarylaniel2100. Wedding Dinner10 Sep 2023 19:311  
IdeaInstouT942171. Two Progressions 28 Sep 2023 23:230  
To admins: error in problem statementOtrebus2158. Two progressions5 Sep 2023 04:251  
Why is newest problems can't reach to 0.001sec solution ? ))coder2158. Two progressions5 Sep 2023 04:142  
When K = 1 , removed a single cell from line ?coder1529. Game of Squares4 Sep 2023 21:411  
For WA6bashNewbie1752. Tree 22 Sep 2023 11:480  
is there O(log) sol???Shen Yang2043. Kirill the Gardener 21 Sep 2023 14:411  
For java solution who get WA 12taodaling1074. Very Short Problem30 Aug 2023 20:390  
how to easily solve this problem👑TIMOFEY👑`~1759. Long-Livers30 Aug 2023 10:490  
C# and out of memoryPavel1510. Order29 Aug 2023 01:292  
OMG I GOT AC👑TIMOFEY👑1546. Japanese Sorting28 Aug 2023 16:360  
WA33👑TIMOFEY👑2074. Timus problems classifier28 Aug 2023 14:540  
RE 32👑TIMOFEY👑2074. Timus problems classifier28 Aug 2023 14:410  
wa7👑TIMOFEY👑1378. Artificial Intelligence26 Aug 2023 17:110  
WA5👑TIMOFEY👑1468. Fraction26 Aug 2023 15:290  

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