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WA#3sleepntsheep1705. Gangster Hares1 Mar 2024 14:010  
Hint pleasesleepntsheep1745. Yet Another Answer29 Feb 2024 14:220  
Tried all cases posted here but still getting WA3.Gautam Singh1152. False Mirrors29 Feb 2024 07:351  
Can somebody help me, please ?Abbos2070. Interesting Numbers29 Feb 2024 02:542  
HintSo Sui Ming1134. Cards28 Feb 2024 08:030  
WA 3, pls send me tests!!!Dmitry1804. The Machinegunners in a Playoff27 Feb 2024 02:230  
WA #5R. Dubinin1929. Teddybears are not for Everyone26 Feb 2024 21:481  
ternary searchГригорий1457. Heating Main25 Feb 2024 18:594  
for those WA on #3 or #4cyc1921. Chaos and Order24 Feb 2024 07:450  
For people who have WA 6Komron1012. K-based Numbers. Version 223 Feb 2024 17:433  
hintSo Sui Ming1692. Flags for Provinces23 Feb 2024 08:030  
WA on test 1, am I misunderstanding the output format?sweepea1110. Power20 Feb 2024 17:270  
Самая тупая задачаandreyDagger`~1824. Ifrit Bomber20 Feb 2024 03:200  
problem 1001 c++Vasilisa1001. Reverse Root18 Feb 2024 11:360  
I don't know what is wrong with my code, could I use stack here?JK Love1001. Reverse Root16 Feb 2024 11:591  
TestsMescheryakov_Kirill [SESC17]1348. Goat in the Garden 216 Feb 2024 02:291  
Smallest possible automatonYury_Semenov1999. The secret module14 Feb 2024 16:190  
Yes Accepted 0.078sShen Yang1999. The secret module14 Feb 2024 16:169  
How to testYury_Semenov1999. The secret module14 Feb 2024 16:130  
Many many testsandreyDagger`~1955. Boss, I Can See You!13 Feb 2024 22:590  

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