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Works good for my local, why it returns a wrong result?satybal1910. Titan Ruins: Hidden Entrance13 Mar 2024 16:510  
WA #5Kropt1444. Elephpotamus13 Mar 2024 11:130  
Solved with hashes XDFaNato4kA_TiMoFeYa1590. Bacon’s Cipher12 Mar 2024 23:470  
Why does it return compilation error? I'm using GCC compilator.satybal1001. Reverse Root12 Mar 2024 13:340  
wa 10👑TIMOFEY👑1401. Gamers10 Mar 2024 19:202  
Mathematical proof!Elastoman1051. Simple Game on a Grid10 Mar 2024 00:381  
Optimal solutionElPsyCongroo1209. 1, 10, 100, 1000...9 Mar 2024 14:2614  
Тестов бы добавить...InstouT941938. Caribbean Triangle8 Mar 2024 21:060  
WA 53Sasha Fedorova1854. Negotiations with Parthians8 Mar 2024 19:450  
Ac Pythoh !!!eremeev.me.2012@gmail.com2142. Magic8 Mar 2024 18:560  
Ac Pythoh 3.9 eremeev.me.2012@gmail.com1283. Dwarf8 Mar 2024 18:550  
Я не понимаю что надо сделать?eremeev.me.2012@gmail.com1336. Problem of Ben Betsalel8 Mar 2024 18:540  
GIVE ME SOME TEST!!!!!! I STILL HAVE WA#2!!!!!!!!!WuLF1430. Crime and Punishment6 Mar 2024 16:539  
Checker seems strange... @adminsDeepesson2049. Chemistry6 Mar 2024 08:460  
How to apply DP???Saikot1005. Stone Pile4 Mar 2024 21:430  
What's wrong? Runtime errorgkd0022066. Simple Expression4 Mar 2024 19:380  
hintSo Sui Ming1537. Ents4 Mar 2024 10:590  
Подправьте описание задачи на русскомKon4enniyIdiot1030. Titanic3 Mar 2024 04:161  
Hint!Reshetnikov Andrey1579. Coat Transportation2 Mar 2024 20:570  
My code is accepted.mars1877. Bicycle Codes1 Mar 2024 21:151  

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