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Check this test case to avoid WA #4Newaz1581. Teamwork1 Apr 2024 11:040  
Solution idea in C++Newaz1585. Penguins1 Apr 2024 10:040  
Wrong test casespocochuk1984. Dummy Guy29 Mar 2024 08:400  
Test 42BENDER1014. Product of Digits29 Mar 2024 02:321  
solved Jakub Minarik1000. A+B Problem28 Mar 2024 16:130  
Is the segment close or open?Ade [FDU]1469. No Smoking!28 Mar 2024 08:061  
WA in 11 test help pleaseNabi1469. No Smoking!28 Mar 2024 08:031  
Use cstdiopocochuk1306. Sequence Median27 Mar 2024 05:350  
The most stupid solutionandreyDagger`~1621. Definite Integral23 Mar 2024 21:400  
How to solve it without BigDecimal?gerind1814. Continued Fraction22 Mar 2024 17:261  
Who can explain the right solution?(-)Programmer1735. Theft of the Century22 Mar 2024 07:531  
WA5 PythonShepeleva Elena1037. Memory Management21 Mar 2024 22:280  
Can anyone explain to me the input ?ACSpeed1878. Rubinchik's Cube17 Mar 2024 22:201  
IdeaInstouT942166. Two Roads16 Mar 2024 20:490  
HINTDhaval Rathod1742. Team building15 Mar 2024 22:331  
WA8Kruppov071014. Product of Digits15 Mar 2024 16:121  
WA #3 :(Rafal1269. Obscene Words Filter15 Mar 2024 14:297  
wa on 3Roman2133. Terms of reference14 Mar 2024 17:390  
Hintpocochuk1152. False Mirrors14 Mar 2024 00:300  
Works good for my local, why it returns a wrong result?satybal1910. Titan Ruins: Hidden Entrance13 Mar 2024 16:510  

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