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Why does it return compilation error? I'm using GCC compilator.satybal1001. Reverse Root28 Apr 2024 12:101  
C Acceptedvzhanm1001. Reverse Root28 Apr 2024 12:090  
OverratedFaNato4kA_TiMoFeYa1329. Galactic History27 Apr 2024 01:120  
similar to problem 1020 plus hint for #12kasarino1185. Wall25 Apr 2024 11:472  
Got AC with random algorithmDeepesson1548. Sakura and Statistics23 Apr 2024 03:520  
why its wrong?Владислав1409. Two Gangsters19 Apr 2024 16:222  
What algo?bsu.mmf.team1842. Local Roots18 Apr 2024 22:035  
Statement clarificationFajnyi1677. Monkey at the Keyboard18 Apr 2024 20:530  
TestsandreyDagger`~2139. Experiment with Juice18 Apr 2024 20:460  
How to solve it in less one second8848mzy1504. Good Manners15 Apr 2024 20:022  
-💮meanlessnessener`~2045. Richness of words14 Apr 2024 20:010  
I don't understand the question. Help !! Rithik Linkon Penaru1083. Factorials!!!13 Apr 2024 17:230  
Help!!!!IntoTheDusk1394. Ships. Version 212 Apr 2024 01:081  
Brute Forcepocochuk1769. Old Ural Legend11 Apr 2024 03:490  
Did anyone solved this using rolling hash and unordered_map (HashMap)?prituladima1706. Cipher Message 29 Apr 2024 12:020  
i solved dp[i] - the number of sequences of length i>>>1081. Binary Lexicographic Sequence6 Apr 2024 22:412  
WA 4tima200720071881. Long problem statement4 Apr 2024 21:450  
Hint - IllustrationDaniil1893. A3803 Apr 2024 19:411  
Slight ClarificationSquidBoy2056. Scholarship1 Apr 2024 13:022  
Check this test case to avoid WA #4Newaz1581. Teamwork1 Apr 2024 11:040  

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