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Add new test, please.-XraY-1103. Pencils and Circles24 Feb 2020 12:162  
Can you give some useful tests?👑OmegaLuL230👑1923. Scary Politics23 Feb 2020 18:260  
Understanding the solutionMARAZ MIA1876. Centipede's Morning22 Feb 2020 03:060  
Hint👨‍💻tproger👨‍💻[GTGU]2087. Trains21 Feb 2020 22:351  
Why wrong answer? Alexander1025. Democracy in Danger21 Feb 2020 01:551  
Proper hints for all the test cases out theresamio1025. Democracy in Danger21 Feb 2020 01:530  
Proper hints for the the test cases out theresamio1020. Rope21 Feb 2020 01:270  
Why I get a runtime error (C#)Stepan1001. Reverse Root21 Feb 2020 00:390  
Proper hints for all the test cases out theresamio1014. Product of Digits21 Feb 2020 00:340  
WA on 25Rami Ismael2034. Caravans20 Feb 2020 22:370  
is java's BigDecimal acceptable?Faeton (Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)1605. Devil's Sequence20 Feb 2020 21:306  
Weak test 2FatalityNT1433. Diamonds20 Feb 2020 05:360  
Weak Test cases sagsango2034. Caravans20 Feb 2020 05:290  
WA #20👑OmegaLuL230👑1648. Yachts17 Feb 2020 23:290  
Memory limit exceeded for test case 7Foysal Ahammed1306. Sequence Median17 Feb 2020 18:191  
test 1 dan qaytvotti xatosi qatta?Chornovek1893. A38017 Feb 2020 14:261  
ha-ha-haholtaf1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!17 Feb 2020 06:555  
Two solutionsTeacher30 (Burunduk1)1621. Definite Integral16 Feb 2020 23:452  
ХИНТToshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)2148. Insane Shot16 Feb 2020 19:420  
Hope these test cases will help u... :)ইলহাম আল মুসাব্বির1104. Don’t Ask Woman about Her Age16 Feb 2020 14:364  

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