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Help!Felix_Mate2034. Caravans15 Apr 2017 19:561  
AC)))pmartynov1109. Conference15 Apr 2017 14:121  
AC in 0.015 Aditya Singh1086. Cryptography15 Apr 2017 05:350  
Java. Что не так?Alex1068. Sum13 Apr 2017 19:441  
Why k >= max digit in an initial number?sleepwalker1104. Don’t Ask Woman about Her Age13 Apr 2017 19:302  
What algo?bsu.mmf.team1842. Local Roots13 Apr 2017 01:553  
What was the trick in the 7th test? I cannot deal with it!!!Игорь Степанов1427. SMS10 Apr 2017 22:059  
My solution :) C++competitivecoder2012. About Grisha N.10 Apr 2017 15:212  
beware of special cases N=1, x=yesbybb2109. Tourism on Mars9 Apr 2017 04:351  
如果你对你程序的算法常数不是特别在意的话,就选Visual C++ 2013alexhaoge1846. GCD 20108 Apr 2017 13:050  
Hint: This is graph shortest path.xurshid_n2103. Corporate Mail7 Apr 2017 14:310  
#WA 8. Reasons.vtalgo17_EN1444. Elephpotamus7 Apr 2017 03:220  
give me some test, please !!!Sunnat1684. Jack's Last Word6 Apr 2017 20:572  
WA 4Jonnathan1723. Sandro's Book6 Apr 2017 20:501  
A problem with the problemLSBG1662. Goat in the Garden 66 Apr 2017 20:401  
HintIlushaMax2020. Traffic Jam in Flower Town6 Apr 2017 20:330  
No subjectKAKTUS_OK1409. Two Gangsters6 Apr 2017 20:315  
for them who have wa on #3 or #11amirani1688. Team.GOV!6 Apr 2017 01:192  
Why WA 1 I've counted 'a','ab','abc' and other subsequences and got satisfying to condition....IlushaMax1219. Symbolic Sequence6 Apr 2017 01:170  
Why wrong ?Pranto Das1068. Sum5 Apr 2017 22:331  

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