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Xn+1==(sqrt(5*Xn*Xn+4*(-1)^n)+Xn)/2Shen Yang2079. Memory leaks17 Aug 2018 21:264  
RTE #10 where am i wrong??thamizhkavingan1123. Salary17 Aug 2018 21:221  
TL 57 give me some hard test dataVitalii Arbuzov1589. Sokoban17 Aug 2018 14:595  
strange recursionGleb1152. False Mirrors17 Aug 2018 12:040  
How to get AC with 0.02 s (mine is 0.7 s)??(-)Miguel Angel1152. False Mirrors17 Aug 2018 02:155  
Some hints and wa17Gleb1748. The Most Complex Number16 Aug 2018 18:450  
Why WA#4 C++Burdin Artyom`~1601. AntiCAPS16 Aug 2018 18:071  
If you have WA20mikeweat1635. Mnemonics and Palindromes15 Aug 2018 21:170  
I don't know why wrong answer ? Can you help me ? please!QUANGPHAM1001. Reverse Root15 Aug 2018 20:340  
WA3pizdec1713. Key Substrings15 Aug 2018 14:220  
some testsGleb2103. Corporate Mail15 Aug 2018 12:250  
Who can tell me the reason? WA on test 8felomid1012. K-based Numbers. Version 215 Aug 2018 08:220  
Can somebody send me a good algo of min cost max matching? I've found only O(N^4)vladu adrian1076. Trash14 Aug 2018 18:1710  
What's the test 4?? zylm1027. D++ Again14 Aug 2018 17:201  
2 Admins: I probably found bad test for my AC solutionKhranovsky`~1027. D++ Again14 Aug 2018 17:111  
sort & lower_bound functions from library is enoughimaginary friend1613. For Fans of Statistics14 Aug 2018 03:140  
(Test № 4 here)Iosif inf-101613. For Fans of Statistics14 Aug 2018 03:104  
To admins: the statement correctionsFyodor Menshikov1111. Squares13 Aug 2018 23:160  
No subjectobijzbo_16092066. Simple Expression13 Aug 2018 10:370  
WHY WA3??? PLEASE HELP!!!! BAron1370. Magician12 Aug 2018 21:1310  

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