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Why Runtime errorIzazul Haque Saad1001. Reverse Root17 Jan 2019 01:460  
WA 1 Что не так?Sergo1068. Sum16 Jan 2019 22:171  
Suffix AutomataTakanashi Rikka1517. Freedom of Choice15 Jan 2019 20:501  
Why WA 5 test?Meyrlan1005. Stone Pile14 Jan 2019 17:155  
give a configuration, is there O(P) sol to judge it has a sol??Shen Yang1589. Sokoban13 Jan 2019 12:421  
Some test casesSmilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]2048. History13 Jan 2019 01:510  
Знаки - + *Alisher Kalykov2066. Simple Expression12 Jan 2019 23:264  
Hint..esger1356. Something Easier12 Jan 2019 19:523  
No subjectAlexandr_Morozov12 Jan 2019 18:240  
My code AC with GCC, but WA with G++. Any one help explain it?some_programming_novice1126. Magnetic Storms12 Jan 2019 12:120  
В 22 ОШИБКАdiablahaker20041011. Conductors12 Jan 2019 08:093  
i got AC in C..Suparna1068. Sum11 Jan 2019 16:210  
WA 22. Give me some tests that may helpErkebulan2033. Devices11 Jan 2019 15:040  
Use C and Visual C 2017, Lukea.menshchikov1220. Stacks10 Jan 2019 18:460  
When will Grand Theft Array VI be released?BowieD2000. Grand Theft Array V10 Jan 2019 17:200  
A better solutionComebackSeason1119. Metro9 Jan 2019 20:323  
wa #15👑TIMOFEY👑1964. Chinese Dialects8 Jan 2019 00:110  
why wa10?Felix_Mate1987. Nested Segments6 Jan 2019 22:042  
why... this is wrong answerIqramul Islam1306. Sequence Median6 Jan 2019 11:180  
if WA28Baurzhan1711. Code Names5 Jan 2019 17:363  

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