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If you have WA #110bsu.mmf.team2117. Polyphemus' triples19 Apr 2019 03:281  
ambiguous statement🦄Imosk72🦄∭GTGU∭2114. My craft18 Apr 2019 19:011  
mathematical induction.some_programming_novice2111. Plato18 Apr 2019 16:131  
idea x)Mice Papai1567. SMS-spam17 Apr 2019 22:541  
Any other suggestion?adityarev1589. Sokoban17 Apr 2019 16:351  
why wrong answer(3)? c++Dima Puz1001. Reverse Root17 Apr 2019 08:093  
This is too easygunfighter(ノ-_-)ノ彡┻━┻1026. Questions and Answers16 Apr 2019 23:501  
Thanks for the problem. I'm high)Kirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻2114. My craft16 Apr 2019 22:231  
I can't understand the problem's statementBahturin Alexander (SibSUTI)1638. Bookworm16 Apr 2019 20:455  
HintsMarius Zilenas1014. Product of Digits16 Apr 2019 19:574  
if WA18Kirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻2112. Battle log16 Apr 2019 18:331  
Please Help to understand the questionanancodec2112. Battle log16 Apr 2019 13:322  
WA 2 py 3.6DonCezario1131. Copying16 Apr 2019 01:331  
Survive the flood anancodec15 Apr 2019 18:501  
Что значит (технически) ограничение по памяти.Konstantin1306. Sequence Median15 Apr 2019 16:411  
Первый тест некорректенKogut.Ivan'`2111. Plato15 Apr 2019 14:113  
Umm, I just used the method which you will use when you face this problem as an elementary school maths exercise.some_programming_novice1403. Courier15 Apr 2019 08:101  
WA-1watashi1876. Centipede's Morning15 Apr 2019 07:4214  
(runntime error test1) what's the first test??? why runtime error?ilUha1005. Stone Pile14 Apr 2019 23:171  
runntime error test1ilUha1005. Stone Pile14 Apr 2019 22:591  

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