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For those who dont know how to solve itOlzhas2dy1102. Strange Dialog11 May 2017 16:416  
Don't be such a careless fool like meMahilewets1145. Rope in the Labyrinth11 May 2017 12:450  
Why WA?Who can help me?Frank2011. Long Statement11 May 2017 12:161  
WA on #8 Sarvagya Agarwal1244. Gentlemen11 May 2017 11:041  
It may be useful: (if You use Dynamic Programming), increasing percentage doesn't exceed 100%Pasha1138. Integer Percentage11 May 2017 02:052  
what is test#1??Xiaohan Yu1150. Page Numbers10 May 2017 22:471  
So nice story Mahilewets1351. Good Gnusmas – Dead Gnusmas10 May 2017 14:231  
Sqrt-Decomposition solutionBasselBakr1846. GCD 201010 May 2017 03:190  
Your checker increase work time of my programIlushaMax1012. K-based Numbers. Version 29 May 2017 17:551  
RE4(Access Violation)Vova1658. Sum of Digits9 May 2017 13:102  
hintConnector1753. Bookshelf9 May 2017 02:364  
Accepted simple approach for this problemGleb Dubosarskii1467. Sum of Degrees8 May 2017 19:410  
I am really poorMahilewets1627. Join8 May 2017 19:387  
Why is this crashing to WA#1 (Python)?Kasparow1226. esreveR redrO8 May 2017 18:460  
WA#2So Sui Ming1137. Bus Routes8 May 2017 12:500  
Why WA?Here is my program can anybody help me :(mariam kupatadze1164. Fillword6 May 2017 22:331  
Accepted simple way how to compute sum of distancesGleb Dubosarskii1726. Visits6 May 2017 21:520  
Several data to KILL your program with PRECISION problems.198808xc1265. Mirror4 May 2017 17:373  
Any tips on solving this problem?Sap1237. Evacuation Plan4 May 2017 04:082  
Why WA 1#?ananimus_vs161601. AntiCAPS3 May 2017 16:320  

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