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To adminsFelix_Mate1743. Domino Sorting14 Jul 2017 14:100  
How to solve. Mahilewets1501. Sense of Beauty14 Jul 2017 10:390  
c++ ACamirshir1313. Some Words about Sport13 Jul 2017 23:353  
Compilation Error?Why?Hokkyss2023. Donald is a postman13 Jul 2017 16:301  
Why i get "Wrong answer"?Sagamore2056. Scholarship13 Jul 2017 10:416  
Get rid of WA#19Mahilewets1371. Cargo Agency13 Jul 2017 10:370  
WA #5Faeton (Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)1320. Graph Decomposition12 Jul 2017 20:481  
teststaobingxue1393. Average Common Prefix12 Jul 2017 18:041  
Hint...1930. Ivan's Car12 Jul 2017 17:221  
AlgorithmTbilisi SU: Giorgi , Nadira , [Kakia]1706. Cipher Message 212 Jul 2017 12:1914  
Suffix automataSergeiEgorov1706. Cipher Message 212 Jul 2017 10:282  
WA8 with kmp!!!YuFeng1423. String Tale11 Jul 2017 23:441  
=(Dima Kravtsov1713. Key Substrings11 Jul 2017 18:069  
std::deque if you want an easy ACComebackSeason1640. Circle of Winter11 Jul 2017 16:052  
Clang C++14 Compiler Failed Mahilewets1517. Freedom of Choice10 Jul 2017 19:550  
Don't waste your time to binary search without hashMahilewets1713. Key Substrings10 Jul 2017 19:061  
The problem is really evil. Mahilewets1269. Obscene Words Filter10 Jul 2017 12:211  
TLE22Kogut.Ivan2102. Michael and Cryptography9 Jul 2017 15:045  
STL is fast enough Mahilewets1700. Awakening8 Jul 2017 23:540  
Solved(MST)Luka Bulatovic1272. Non-Yekaterinburg Subway8 Jul 2017 21:323  

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