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Any hints? Solved by interval trees?Safe Bird1390. Shots at Walls8 Mar 2018 20:004  
WA #4;can anyone help?jim1925. British Scientists Save the World8 Mar 2018 15:140  
Precision?chhung61766. Humpty Dumpty7 Mar 2018 22:4317  
case 4:Output limit exceeded. help!jim1893. A3807 Mar 2018 19:580  
Xn+1==(sqrt(5*Xn*Xn+4*(-1)^n)+Xn)/2Shen Yang2079. Memory leaks7 Mar 2018 12:333  
What's wrong......???Al Arafat Tanin2056. Scholarship7 Mar 2018 04:320  
what is correct ans when WA #6 ....??Al Arafat Tanin2098. Lada Priora7 Mar 2018 02:450  
is there any non-print table approach??Shen Yang2061. OEIS A2162646 Mar 2018 09:511  
wa 11Paata Julakidze[GTU]1106. Two Teams5 Mar 2018 20:060  
WA#4Kolyanich1751. Improbability Theory5 Mar 2018 14:261  
Time consumed by outputting large arrays to the consoleIlya1701. Ostap and Partners5 Mar 2018 03:510  
If you have WA5tproger1067. Disk Tree4 Mar 2018 23:080  
Accepted C#PI−2016-Trykoza1001. Reverse Root4 Mar 2018 20:072  
Nice prob. Some tests here :)BdE1380. Ostap's Chess4 Mar 2018 15:470  
Test Case for WA#5azikar241242. Werewolf3 Mar 2018 21:240  
Why wrong (c)vilikan1068. Sum3 Mar 2018 09:525  
python3 как вводить данные с помощью текстовых файлов?epoc1000. A+B Problem3 Mar 2018 00:371  
same as 1075ssor961285. Thread in a Hyperspace2 Mar 2018 18:000  
WA24Alexander1912. Titan Ruins: Passing through Walls2 Mar 2018 12:250  
C++17ASK2 Mar 2018 01:063  

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