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Who has any idea on what's special about test 4? I've been debugging for days and have no clues.Xifan1171. Lost in Space3 Jul 2018 12:490  
WA4 TestGleb1570. Eating High3 Jul 2018 12:230  
WA #13. Dear Author, please commentDarwin's Grove1964. Chinese Dialects3 Jul 2018 08:034  
in case of WA#4nikitaevg1964. Chinese Dialects3 Jul 2018 06:563  
Poor test caseHaloom1404. Easy to Hack!2 Jul 2018 18:440  
WA5 test (AC program)Gleb1389. Roadworks2 Jul 2018 14:150  
If you've got WA #11Pavel Khaustov [Tomsk PU]1542. Autocompletion30 Jun 2018 19:163  
question (+)vav[14]1673. Admission to Exam29 Jun 2018 19:592  
WA8Alex2056. Scholarship28 Jun 2018 20:140  
HINT!Yegor Suvorov1036. Lucky Tickets26 Jun 2018 11:2912  
Some hint.MrBones1943. Space Rummy26 Jun 2018 00:151  
Wrong Answer on Test Case 2, Help me outismail5g1086. Cryptography25 Jun 2018 19:110  
HintKALO1246. Tethered Dog25 Jun 2018 12:521  
accepted Mikhail1821. Biathlon22 Jun 2018 17:200  
Very funny problem[MSU Detritus] freopen1761. Binary Palindrome21 Jun 2018 19:311  
OMG, this problem is too easy!!!!bsu.mmf.team1761. Binary Palindrome21 Jun 2018 19:283  
O(n^3) got 0.826s AC!paulzrm1280. Topological Sorting21 Jun 2018 17:340  
segment tree AC 0.015Otabek Toshkanov1028. Stars21 Jun 2018 03:040  
acceptedMikhail1423. String Tale20 Jun 2018 20:480  
Теряюсь в догадках, Что не так?VladGrin1585. Penguins20 Jun 2018 16:051  

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