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WA#13Pearl1224. Spiral3 Oct 2018 16:090  
Some hints. Bliss1839. The Mentaculus2 Oct 2018 18:170  
Very Easy Problem used Sieve algorithm and got acceptedAnwar1355. Bald Spot Revisited2 Oct 2018 16:271  
My solutionPearl1226. esreveR redrO2 Oct 2018 14:560  
is it NP problem?🦄Imosk72🦄[GTGU]1649. Abstractionism to the People2 Oct 2018 10:250  
Please help) AndriyKozak1877. Bicycle Codes2 Oct 2018 10:101  
Question about the task Вопрос по условию задачиD4nick1924. Four Imps2 Oct 2018 10:041  
C++ Hint0blivium1617. Flat Spots2 Oct 2018 09:321  
Python2.7 WA#4 what problem, help please?Salavat2023. Donald is a postman2 Oct 2018 09:271  
WA #6 ??? Александр2023. Donald is a postman2 Oct 2018 09:151  
give tests,please!Dmitry_Terenichev2035. Another Dress Rehearsal2 Oct 2018 09:112  
abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxyzMinos Skistonrak1723. Sandro's Book1 Oct 2018 19:081  
Объяснение сутиKirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻1109. Conference1 Oct 2018 14:080  
why stack so longIlushaMax1654. Cipher Message1 Oct 2018 13:381  
My solutionsPearl1196. History Exam1 Oct 2018 12:450  
can O(n^2/64) fit in 1 sec??Shen Yang1897. Alice and Bob and a string1 Oct 2018 00:006  
Best testszorggish1601. AntiCAPS30 Sep 2018 19:110  
Precalculate is not neededPearl1044. Lucky Tickets. Easy!30 Sep 2018 18:010  
Test 8Gulliput1484. Film Rating29 Sep 2018 23:572  
'Impossible' or '0'?Maryin Dima1484. Film Rating29 Sep 2018 01:524  

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