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AC with long double Shen Yang1594. Aztec Treasure2 Nov 2018 19:236  
No subject🦄Imosk72🦄[GTGU]1422. Fireflies2 Nov 2018 18:550  
This testcase helped me to fix WA13tepamid1964. Chinese Dialects1 Nov 2018 13:140  
WA17Agabek2021. Scarily interesting!1 Nov 2018 02:217  
Why Runtime error on test 4??FromNothingToFinal1020. Rope31 Oct 2018 22:130  
Some clarificationsknok161438. Time Limit Exceeded31 Oct 2018 20:250  
Why Runtime error (Stack Overflow)???Iqramul Islam1001. Reverse Root31 Oct 2018 17:014  
WA4Kelemvora1703. Robotic Arm31 Oct 2018 04:570  
WA39arclite2078. Bowling game30 Oct 2018 21:030  
PLZ HELP! (WA#1)v13 [Kungur]1007. Code Words30 Oct 2018 16:070  
alternative answers are not acceptedER1007. Code Words30 Oct 2018 15:142  
WA4 Python 3, Help pls!Moshkov Danil1837. Isenbaev's Number30 Oct 2018 09:361  
Why Runtime error(access violation)Iqramul Islam1086. Cryptography29 Oct 2018 23:460  
TEST#4 (attention)junsuper1601. AntiCAPS28 Oct 2018 18:226  
hintxurshid_n1819. Professional Approach28 Oct 2018 15:484  
AC with dinamic O(n * sum(1..n) * 2)4llower1005. Stone Pile27 Oct 2018 04:440  
Wa 3MSDN1441. From the History of Gringotts Bank26 Oct 2018 20:461  
To those who get WA#7vicproon1205. By the Underground or by Foot?26 Oct 2018 16:544  
WA 124llower1203. Scientific Conference26 Oct 2018 13:050  
nvmnetufantazii2031. Overturned Numbers25 Oct 2018 21:210  

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