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WA 43P.Sofia2102. Michael and Cryptography28 Nov 2018 19:180  
Possibly k needs to be minimalMd sabbir Rahman2103. Corporate Mail28 Nov 2018 16:090  
use python3.6 will be TLEkenv072003. Simple Magic27 Nov 2018 12:340  
A simple python script to generate long test casesXitsa1654. Cipher Message27 Nov 2018 09:080  
Есть ли неточность в условии ?Gulliput1494. Monobilliards27 Nov 2018 00:080  
What's wrong?Avyatkin1355. Bald Spot Revisited26 Nov 2018 18:410  
Accepted !!! =)Jairls181025. Democracy in Danger25 Nov 2018 22:203  
Help! Why do I get WA?zhou MX1150. Page Numbers25 Nov 2018 19:423  
TLE Test #8Sadeko1054. Hanoi Tower25 Nov 2018 02:170  
TL 12Arseniy2034. Caravans25 Nov 2018 00:301  
What's problem with my algo???gio_gio2034. Caravans25 Nov 2018 00:205  
what is the meaning of this problem?Abbos Bo'kaboyev2018. The Debut Album24 Nov 2018 19:141  
WA#9dastan1786. Sandro's Biography24 Nov 2018 18:333  
Почему 1 тест 3?KillerQueen1005. Stone Pile24 Nov 2018 14:100  
To admins Please add SBCL (Common Lisp) Languagebobby24 Nov 2018 09:440  
C# solution thougthsNehorowo1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues23 Nov 2018 18:200  
I don't know why wrong answer ? Can you help me ? please!QUANGPHAM1001. Reverse Root23 Nov 2018 13:391  
why wa#17?kurinov6491348. Goat in the Garden 223 Nov 2018 08:040  
WA 19Md sabbir Rahman1807. Cartridges for Maxim23 Nov 2018 01:251  
WA #4Avyatkin1355. Bald Spot Revisited22 Nov 2018 23:420  

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