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Transitive closure using std::bitsetdecay1487. Chinese Football10 Feb 2019 20:100  
Poor centipede :-DArtur Mazgarov1876. Centipede's Morning9 Feb 2019 21:201  
Why my algo is right?Felix_Mate1769. Old Ural Legend9 Feb 2019 17:211  
No subjectSanchir1787. Turn for MEGA8 Feb 2019 11:030  
Use next_permutationbuyolitsez2011. Long Statement5 Feb 2019 19:340  
Why Runtime Error (Access Violation)??Labib Bin Mohtaram1001. Reverse Root5 Feb 2019 08:010  
One more C++ ACD4nick1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers5 Feb 2019 05:310  
Runtime error (access violation) #8Andor Vari-Kakas1042. Central Heating5 Feb 2019 02:270  
It's interesting..FanThomas1001. Reverse Root5 Feb 2019 01:030  
Whats wrong? CSanchir1001. Reverse Root3 Feb 2019 16:010  
please check my code WA 3Raman Gupta1685. Orthography3 Feb 2019 13:553  
C++ ACD4nick2011. Long Statement3 Feb 2019 04:590  
Not a word about input precisionSirko1340. Cucaracha1 Feb 2019 23:070  
WA #10Ivan1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome1 Feb 2019 13:050  
WA #10Ivan1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome1 Feb 2019 12:520  
WA #10Ivan1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome1 Feb 2019 12:500  
what it test number 3 ???plague1120. Sum of Sequential Numbers31 Jan 2019 18:293  
C++ ACD4nick1404. Easy to Hack!31 Jan 2019 17:530  
VERY FUNNY STORY!Shogal [Kaliningrad]1293. Eniya31 Jan 2019 17:2011  
WHY this sht has difficulty 81?!!!D4nick1194. Handshakes31 Jan 2019 04:210  

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