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C: Whats wrong with task?Nick1001. Reverse Root22 Mar 2019 07:431  
It is not possible to find solution using bruteforce for python.master82821005. Stone Pile22 Mar 2019 03:010  
easy cpp solutionholykatty2023. Donald is a postman21 Mar 2019 23:270  
Why WA on test 6?SpaceFlyer1439. Battle with You-Know-Who21 Mar 2019 21:084  
Input is incorrect!!!Kirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻1137. Bus Routes20 Mar 2019 23:140  
AC IN 0.001 and 420kbbuyolitsez1118. Nontrivial Numbers20 Mar 2019 19:510  
ez problem c++ accept too easy lolololololllol solved 1 secRinchinGaY1878. Rubinchik's Cube20 Mar 2019 19:160  
питон ответ скажите плзDmitriy2066. Simple Expression19 Mar 2019 18:510  
What is a correct boolean expression?LX&R Bacherikov1101. Robot in the Field19 Mar 2019 03:461  
WA#17 Help, pleaseAnn1227. Rally Championship19 Mar 2019 00:150  
TLE #42Mirjalol Bahodirov1915. Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of Bygones18 Mar 2019 22:292  
В чем прикол?AdiZer01296. Hyperjump18 Mar 2019 18:401  
WA TEST #6. Jumabek Alikhanov2020. Traffic Jam in Flower Town18 Mar 2019 12:321  
python ez solutionfatnet1585. Penguins17 Mar 2019 12:180  
1Goergiy1079. Maximum17 Mar 2019 12:090  
easy MSTamomorning1982. Electrification Plan17 Mar 2019 10:421  
WA on 6. Can anyone tell me why?raphaelrbr1671. Anansi's Cobweb17 Mar 2019 04:290  
что не так с кодом?Demorald1001. Reverse Root17 Mar 2019 04:010  
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Rybinsk SAAT (Nechaev, Kiselev, Mirzoyan)1740. Deer is Better!16 Mar 2019 19:5848  
Странное условиеilalex1740. Deer is Better!16 Mar 2019 19:494  

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