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If you have problems whit programm in test number 6!!!polskyLIDER1787. Turn for MEGA6 Apr 2020 22:334  
Why is it showing wrong answer? I have given a lot of input. In my pc this program is showing correct answer all the time.mars1787. Turn for MEGA6 Apr 2020 22:320  
No subjectD4nick1146. Maximum Sum6 Apr 2020 16:040  
WA8 but passes ALL tests in discussionUlugbek#&1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome6 Apr 2020 13:161  
No subjectD4nick1226. esreveR redrO6 Apr 2020 04:430  
My code is accepted.mars1877. Bicycle Codes6 Apr 2020 01:100  
if n = 0 or n = 1 ?Tanim1014. Product of Digits5 Apr 2020 17:222  
WA3 and WA12Levon Oganesyan1651. Shortest Subchain5 Apr 2020 00:420  
#Test_13Nobodyquennteam1471. Distance in the Tree4 Apr 2020 14:520  
if WA3Programmer9561131. Copying3 Apr 2020 21:490  
ТестNobodyquennteam1471. Distance in the Tree3 Apr 2020 21:340  
IF you have TL and use sqrt + mapToshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1846. GCD 20103 Apr 2020 00:210  
wa7 helpДмитрий1992. CVS2 Apr 2020 23:260  
do you know what test 12 is?STAVASD1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome1 Apr 2020 19:223  
No subjectD4nick1086. Cryptography1 Apr 2020 11:200  
If you have WA 7Toshpulatov (MSU Tashkent)1628. White Streaks31 Mar 2020 16:400  
What can be the reason of WA 11? I'll be glad if you give some tests.D4nick1118. Nontrivial Numbers31 Mar 2020 14:101  
An O(K^2) solutionCmYkRgB1231119. Metro30 Mar 2020 23:122  
C++D4nick1214. Strange Procedure29 Mar 2020 19:211  
C++ ACD4nick1786. Sandro's Biography29 Mar 2020 19:211  

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