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Wrong Answer... :(Rafiqul Alam Chisty2012. About Grisha N.17 Jan 2021 23:362  
hint[MAI] do_v_5_strok1139. City Blocks17 Jan 2021 21:060  
Problem statement clarificationOrfest (Novosibirsk SU)2017. Best of a bad lot17 Jan 2021 16:100  
Как вывести сайт в ТОП GOOGLE?iLLidiance17 Jan 2021 00:331  
Заработок в сети интернет с чего ничинать?Antixe16 Jan 2021 23:591  
Solution (SPOILER)Alikhan Zimanov2116. He is not a knight for you14 Jan 2021 16:500  
if WA3Programmer9561131. Copying13 Jan 2021 09:491  
Who know how the 2nd test looks like??Last_Vikings1546. Japanese Sorting12 Jan 2021 22:2917  
Why I get WA1(the result of my code is 3 4)Ilya1079. Maximum12 Jan 2021 20:501  
some tests[MAI] do_v_5_strok2102. Michael and Cryptography12 Jan 2021 16:240  
Что не так (python)?Roma1000. A+B Problem12 Jan 2021 09:331  
Amazing ProblemDeepesson2006. Kirill the Gardener12 Jan 2021 04:020  
TLE #12 ?hello_world_ww1671. Anansi's Cobweb12 Jan 2021 01:004  
Understanding the solutionMARAZ MIA1876. Centipede's Morning11 Jan 2021 22:522  
Easy solution for newbie'sIssatai Izturganov2012. About Grisha N.11 Jan 2021 13:191  
What is the answer for this testcase?Deepesson1367. Top Secret9 Jan 2021 02:382  
Weak tests, @adminsIgor Yevchynets [Lviv NU]1859. Last Season of Team.GOV7 Jan 2021 15:422  
fails at test 28Gautr1014. Product of Digits7 Jan 2021 07:380  
Please Help(C++)RickyCloud1001. Reverse Root6 Jan 2021 23:192  
When some n you can place one circle on the center not?Temirlan1984. Dummy Guy6 Jan 2021 20:580  

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