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C++ will got you TLE on 9th test case if you are using string additions instead use pythonVineet Jain1012. K-based Numbers. Version 227 Oct 2020 07:170  
Difficulty is overrated👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1049. Brave Balloonists27 Oct 2020 01:410  
SSP solver
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Orient1394. Ships. Version 226 Oct 2020 23:4422  
If you are having troubleurmat1183. Brackets Sequence26 Oct 2020 22:190  
No maths neededmouse_wireless21150. Page Numbers26 Oct 2020 20:211  
WA34Zergatul2123. Knapsack25 Oct 2020 02:210  
Тесть №9ю Не могу понять в чем ошибаюсь, первая задача моя на Олимпиаде. Учусь пока. Подскажите. Vyacheslav2138. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly23 Oct 2020 18:451  
WA8?Zergatul2148. Insane Shot23 Oct 2020 13:361  
Why Runtime error in Java?Azizbek1001. Reverse Root22 Oct 2020 22:080  
Help I got WA test 6Juan H1110. Power22 Oct 2020 11:591  
IDEAmosiur1110. Power22 Oct 2020 11:570  
Чем отличается вариант GOOD от варианта BAD ?Max2138. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly21 Oct 2020 20:011  
# Test 2 ...Esteban Suazo1197. Lonesome Knight21 Oct 2020 02:001  
WA 2Jasur A1004. Sightseeing Trip21 Oct 2020 01:210  
WA 21Ilya Konik1773. Metro to Every Home18 Oct 2020 21:580  
No subjectD4nick1295. Crazy Notions17 Oct 2020 04:130  
Think about these results...Observe carefully and u will find solution easily...:) I hope this will help uইলহাম আল মুসাব্বির1295. Crazy Notions16 Oct 2020 03:051  
Interesting problem, I like it, thanksD4nick1982. Electrification Plan16 Oct 2020 02:580  
This is not an MST problem.grinrag1982. Electrification Plan16 Oct 2020 02:492  
How fast could recursion optimised?👾_challenger128_[PermSNRU]1298. Knight15 Oct 2020 22:050  

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