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Code don't works with big numbers, Python 3.4Andrew17031017. Staircases23 Jun 2017 23:285  
WA 19Kostya1238. Folding23 Jun 2017 14:150  
I'm angry!Felix_Mate1861. Graveyard in Deyja22 Jun 2017 23:430  
test 3[TDUweAI] daminus1837. Isenbaev's Number22 Jun 2017 22:514  
Used DP+BITsak3t1523. K-inversions22 Jun 2017 14:000  
Give me proof why following approach is wrongMahilewets1523. K-inversions22 Jun 2017 13:531  
Solved it by simulation. Mahilewets1777. Anindilyakwa21 Jun 2017 18:160  
O(1) FormulaSereja Slotin1716. Alternative Solution21 Jun 2017 15:061  
This is running well on JavaFarruh-WIUT1877. Bicycle Codes21 Jun 2017 04:441  
wa 13LastOne1716. Alternative Solution20 Jun 2017 22:591  
"Ordinary" minus '-' from ASCII set is OK.Mahilewets1149. Sinus Dances20 Jun 2017 22:500  
Solution to that evil problem. Mahilewets1224. Spiral20 Jun 2017 16:200  
I solved it with Python Mahilewets2002. Test Task20 Jun 2017 00:560  
Use heap. Use number 0.5*K+1.Mahilewets1025. Democracy in Danger17 Jun 2017 01:050  
Right Algo:bsu.mmf.team1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles16 Jun 2017 22:114  
JavaEntryPointWrapper.java:10: error: cannot access Oppa Kairat1000. A+B Problem16 Jun 2017 15:450  
AC in 0.249 and 8668 KB (RMQ for lca)sak3t1471. Distance in the Tree15 Jun 2017 22:061  
help with 52 pls🎧 Vadim Barinov \Frez_Fstilus/'`1509. Domino Recognition15 Jun 2017 00:210  
Sol with WA 46, 47, 48🎧 Vadim Barinov \Frez_Fstilus/'`1509. Domino Recognition14 Jun 2017 23:450  
How I solved it. Mahilewets1792. Hamming Code14 Jun 2017 20:420  

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