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hint Mostafa Tantawy1319. Hotel29 Apr 2017 21:480  
What is wrong? WA#4jack2031. Overturned Numbers29 Apr 2017 16:340  
How to solve this problem in Python 3.4?JuliM1100. Final Standings29 Apr 2017 14:282  
У меня все верно, на сервере WA1. Как так?MNaz1100. Final Standings29 Apr 2017 14:264  
Что не так? Говорит, что ошибка доступа, я не понимаю.DarkSun19971102. Strange Dialog29 Apr 2017 03:350  
Someone just answer "yes" or "no"......Jaideva1577. E-mail28 Apr 2017 23:021  
Try to use Python2.7 if you have Python3.4 TLE Mahilewets1246. Tethered Dog28 Apr 2017 17:040  
Implementationcompetitivecoder1320. Graph Decomposition28 Apr 2017 02:551  
WA #14mezkresh1320. Graph Decomposition28 Apr 2017 02:531  
How i must output anwser?Felix_Mate1542. Autocompletion25 Apr 2017 15:381  
to admin: about multi-edgeAde1004. Sightseeing Trip25 Apr 2017 08:302  
Hint for everybody! : )Pavel Nikolov1084. Goat in the Garden24 Apr 2017 23:464  
To Authors: Solution check programSirko1541. Chase24 Apr 2017 23:101  
AC testsGleb Dubosarskii1577. E-mail24 Apr 2017 01:180  
fast O(ln n) solutionGleb Dubosarskii1013. K-based Numbers. Version 322 Apr 2017 01:050  
for WA15Arseny Babushkin (aytel)'`2008. Swifty21 Apr 2017 23:410  
Maybe correct name for that problem is "SINE dance"?Mahilewets1149. Sinus Dances21 Apr 2017 22:510  
test #1 run-time erroreurol1033. Labyrinth21 Apr 2017 22:470  
What to do with multiple roads?Ade1004. Sightseeing Trip21 Apr 2017 20:471  
Explain why my sol is incorrectMahilewets1513. Lemon Tale21 Apr 2017 18:240  

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