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finally accepted (G++ 4.9 C++11)Serhiy Ivanov1915. Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of Bygones21 Aug 2018 03:581  
different c++ implementations - completely different resultsimaginary friend1915. Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of Bygones21 Aug 2018 03:520  
Is the 1-st test like explanation test?bstu_student1223. Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof21 Aug 2018 03:510  
'Time limit exceeded' in Python 3.6az1086. Cryptography20 Aug 2018 22:281  
How to read the input?Myrcella1006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 21:083  
What does "the length of the frame side" mean?Myrcella1006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 19:406  
Please check this test for me.Ade1903. Unidentified Ships20 Aug 2018 16:393  
TLE №11. Python 3.4Darkness1100. Final Standings20 Aug 2018 16:270  
"Length of the frame side" in outpute051006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 09:072  
WA62ura1593. Square Country. Version 219 Aug 2018 02:000  
WA 11, Can take testsAsura1119. Metro19 Aug 2018 01:030  
great teststaobingxue1361. Spaceology vs. Chronistics19 Aug 2018 00:352  
My solution in Python 3 took 0.078 seconds and 516 KB with recursion. Can you do it faster?Dhruv Somani1685. Orthography18 Aug 2018 18:461  
WA7alexge501325. Dirt18 Aug 2018 15:241  
help me with case 8iakwal1514. National Park18 Aug 2018 14:300  
Can anybody tell me the algorithm to solve this question?Myrcella1013. K-based Numbers. Version 318 Aug 2018 13:053  
I have WA#1!!!{AESC USU} Evgeny Kurpilyanskij1171. Lost in Space18 Aug 2018 07:111  
Xn+1==(sqrt(5*Xn*Xn+4*(-1)^n)+Xn)/2Shen Yang2079. Memory leaks17 Aug 2018 21:264  
RTE #10 where am i wrong??thamizhkavingan1123. Salary17 Aug 2018 21:221  
TL 57 give me some hard test dataVitalii Arbuzov1589. Sokoban17 Aug 2018 14:595  

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