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please give me some more testsBerlin1149. Sinus Dances16 Feb 2019 18:052  
WA#9Evgeniy1406. Next Number16 Feb 2019 16:382  
New problem 1599 Winding NumberVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1599. Winding Number16 Feb 2019 15:355  
WA 21fufnir1601. AntiCAPS15 Feb 2019 18:500  
AC in c++Yucheng1493. One Step from Happiness15 Feb 2019 12:480  
AC in c++ using stable_sortYucheng1100. Final Standings15 Feb 2019 11:430  
WA2DenisBordachkov1654. Cipher Message15 Feb 2019 02:290  
Is possible to have AC on Python 3.6?Egor_Shchetinin1119. Metro14 Feb 2019 17:590  
tests ;)Mapu1931. Excellent Team14 Feb 2019 11:430  
В 22 ОШИБКАdiablahaker20041011. Conductors13 Feb 2019 02:184  
[gcc] If you have WA#1 - don't use %zu in printf. Only %d ((malegkin1011. Conductors13 Feb 2019 02:010  
bad tests?Vit Demidenko2107. Oppa Funcan Style12 Feb 2019 23:280  
WA#4Kot1881. Long problem statement12 Feb 2019 21:511  
WA #5 wrong answerTheodike1306. Sequence Median12 Feb 2019 21:410  
AC in c++Yucheng1048. Superlong Sums12 Feb 2019 20:340  
Maybe this will help you!niabbf1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome12 Feb 2019 19:144  
WA2? Sherxon1982. Electrification Plan12 Feb 2019 17:571  
TEST FOR WA4buyolitsez1786. Sandro's Biography12 Feb 2019 14:540  
Transitive closure using std::bitsetdecay1487. Chinese Football10 Feb 2019 20:100  
Poor centipede :-DArtur Mazgarov1876. Centipede's Morning9 Feb 2019 21:201  

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