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The code on Python work correct whe same code on Ruby have wrong answer #3Valentin Gulyaev1785. Lost in Localization26 Feb 2018 00:332  
WA#3Lakers1872. Spacious Office25 Feb 2018 17:002  
If you've got WA#13,here is whyPredaBoss1183. Brackets Sequence25 Feb 2018 14:350  
It's very easy to overcome TLE.balandini1353. Milliard Vasya's Function25 Feb 2018 04:493  
No subjectRoman Furko1123. Salary25 Feb 2018 01:461  
No subjectFIERFoS1000. A+B Problem24 Feb 2018 15:280  
If you got RE at test case 9Thomas07261061. Buffer Manager24 Feb 2018 13:410  
WA 19Lightless [Samara SAU]1963. Kite24 Feb 2018 01:280  
Why I get a TLE #6 ?Yang Tianyi1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:473  
About TLE and Recursion† Ленин † [Yaroslavl SU]1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:454  
If you got WA
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Ilya Mitin1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:1521  
WA at #1 ?? Try this data... arena_zp1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:145  
where is wrong !! already it is working in codeblocksEIASER ARAFAT1068. Sum22 Feb 2018 07:104  
can anyone explain me how to do it???Kirill1878. Rubinchik's Cube21 Feb 2018 15:080  
Test case 2Wei Zhang2034. Caravans20 Feb 2018 22:490  
More test casesazikar241210. Kind Spirits20 Feb 2018 00:090  
Anyone greedy?alexradu041570. Eating High19 Feb 2018 23:500  
ULTIMATE test for WA12, TLE12, output limit exceededMikhail1074. Very Short Problem19 Feb 2018 18:112  
No subjectPULSAR1225. Flags18 Feb 2018 19:070  
solution hintsimaginary friend1303. Minimal Coverage17 Feb 2018 04:300  

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