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efficient ideaCuac!++1065. Frontier24 Apr 2018 00:122  
Questions👨‍💻tproger👨‍💻[GTGU]1818. Fair Fishermen24 Apr 2018 00:080  
Use array of bitsetСонечка1249. Ancient Necropolis23 Apr 2018 20:510  
For everyone who has WA7olpetOdessaONU [1 2/3]1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome23 Apr 2018 13:463  
WA5Farhodbek_tuit_kf2056. Scholarship23 Apr 2018 10:201  
No subjectBart111000. A+B Problem22 Apr 2018 18:510  
Had anyone problems with test #10?tereshinvs1281. River Basin22 Apr 2018 17:314  
if you have WA25 | WA24 (Java | C#)Maxm1612. Tram Forum21 Apr 2018 20:220  
This is a good test101001580. Dean's Debts21 Apr 2018 07:520  
Solving using the height of last stepGokul1017. Staircases21 Apr 2018 01:100  
Can you give some tests?NickC81686. Photovoltaic Spaceship20 Apr 2018 01:522  
the real hintASK1719. Kill the Shaitan-Boss19 Apr 2018 22:230  
Solution using SQRT_DECOMPOSITIONiOli1126. Magnetic Storms19 Apr 2018 22:180  
С#TheVoold1785. Lost in Localization19 Apr 2018 01:541  
this problem can be set n,m<=1000 Shen Yang1411. 40 Islands Knights18 Apr 2018 13:510  
oh I know how to solve in O(1)Shen Yang1815. Farm in San Andreas18 Apr 2018 11:1711  
Memory Limit Exceeded!!! Why?I don't understandScaletta_Z1014. Product of Digits18 Apr 2018 00:491  
test case 9 is invalidShen Yang1438. Time Limit Exceeded17 Apr 2018 21:522  
easy bfs)Сонечка1656. Far Away Kingdom's Army16 Apr 2018 07:590  
My TLE problemDK [Samara SAU 1: X2008]1468. Fraction15 Apr 2018 18:291  

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